Known by many as "The African King Of Comedy", Michael Blackson recently did something very unusual; he decided to try his hand at battle rap against one of the top opponents out there - DNA. DNA, who is regarded as one of the best battle rappers in the world, did something very unusual as well by accepting the challenge. The battle took place at LIU in front of a packed crowd of college students eager to hear some good comical bars, mixed with some nice wordplay from DNA.

Michael Blackson brought his usual comedy to the battle, cracking nonstop jokes and even making his opponent burst out in laughter after using phrases such as "Mudda Sucka", and other hilarious lines. This battle was an opportunity for DNA to display his true freestyling skills, as he didn't prepare any bars at all, yet he even managed to imitate Blackson's comical rapping style.

Check out the hilarious back and forth battle between DNA and Michael Blackson above.