More news surrounding the Lil Reese beatdown of a female keeps popping up.  In the video, Reese can be seen confronting a woman who is requesting that he and his crew vacate the premises, and from there, punches are thrown and the woman is ultimately stomped out while lying helplessly on the ground.

After a ton of reactions on Twitter and Facebook, the female in question, who goes by the name of "Self'Made Prodigy" on Facebook, issued a statement addressing the beating she took at the hands of Lil Reese.  She stated that the incident happened over a year ago, and that in her eyes she has moved on from it; however; she wants anyone out there (men in particular) to know that what he did was not honorable, nor should it be looked at as a laughing matter.  She stated that he acted out simply because she asked him and his party to leave her house, and that's when he put hands on her.

Her statement was later uploaded by various Twitter users.  Check out what she had to say above.