Murda Mook stopped by the VladTV studios recently to discuss the evolution of his career and the current level of stardom he's earned from his return to the battle rap ring.  During the interview, Mook was asked his thoughts on the Serius Jones vs Charlie Clips battle and more specifically, what he thought of Serius Jones' performance, as it was also his return to the battle ring after taking a long hiatus.

Mook was honest in his reply, saying that he thought Jones' performance was "crap."  He did acknowledge that he believed Jones still had funny jokes, but in terms of bars that people would remember and tell their friends - "yo, that was hot" - Mook felt as though Serius didn't spit anything worth remembering.

Well, it seems as though Serius Jones felt some type of way about Mook criticizing his battle performance, so he hit up Mook's Twitter account and fired off at him.  However, Mook fired right back once he got wind of Serius trying to blast him on the social networking site.

Check out the tweets above between Mook and Serius Jones.