The Twitter world is blowing up with the news that Dizaster and Murda Mook may possibly step into the battle ring together.  Funk Flex has offered to put up $10,000 on the winner of a Dizaster vs Murda Mook battle, which everyone who is a battle rap fan would love to see.  However, it remains to be seen if this will be enough money to bring Mook back into the ring, as he previously demanded that he be paid $50,000 for all future battles.

DNA is always eager to step into the ring with a formidable opponent, and his name has also been thrown into the conversation as well.  He and Funk Master Flex have been going back and forth trying to see who he might face off against, and since he already battled Dizaster in the past, he said he is willing to throw down with Mook if the battle can be arranged.

Hitman Holla has also hit up Flex to get down with the action.

Whether or not Jae Millz steps back into the ring, a possible battle between Murda Mook and either Dizaster or DNA would be incredibly epic.  And since it seems as though many other battlers are eager to jump on the card, this event could turn out to be just as large and entertaining as Summer Madness 2.

Check out all of the tweets above.

The date for the battle is set for February 12th, so mark your calendars.