Azealia Banks has been speaking her mind unabashedly since she entered the public sphere, often getting her into trouble with other rappers like T.I. and Iggy Azalea. This time though, Azealia Banks has beef with Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.

The Italian high fashion brand released its Spring 2013 collection for Milan Fashion week last month, but the collection consisted of several questionable pieces. Though they claim the images adorning their items were inspired by "Sicilian roots", it reminded many Americans of the Plantation-era "mammy" figure. To add to the controversy, no black models walked the runway wearing the collection.

Banks took to Twitter to vent her frustrations with the brand, going as far as to say she will be boycotting it. "Whoever designed that racist a** Dolce & Gabbanna collection needs a swift kick in the mouth and a big dick up the a**," tweeted Banks. "I really hate when people do corny, racist things then try to justify it as 'art.' It's all just really unnecessary. The clothes in the collection were fine without all the 'black mammy' imagery."

Check out Azealia's tweets and pictures of the collection above.