Many rappers have faded from stardom into the shadows over the years, however, this is a list of rappers who've managed to remain relevant throughout the years.

There are many rappers who've been able to maintain their level of stardom and relevance in the hip hop industry over long and illustrious careers.  Of course, many younger artists have been coming into the game with varying styles from what was heard years ago, yet there are many lyricists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes, among others, who've managed to keep up with the constant changes and remain rested on their thrones and regarded as some of the best MC's to ever partake in hip hop.

Artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Raekwon and many more have often been thrown into discussions as some of the best rappers ever.  

Today, October 17th, Eminem turned 40-years-old.  He first blasted onto the mainstream scene in 1999 with his The Slim Shady LP, and he's still considered by many as the best rapper of all time. Given that he just turned 40, we felt it was only right to honor his birthday by seeing where Eminem ranks against the other rappers who are 40 or older.

Check out our Top 20 Rappers over 40 list.  Who do you think should be on top?