Oh man, things just got real serious.  Veteran rapper Nelly has just become the latest hip hop artist to be arrested with drugs and a gun on his tour bus.  However, this situation is a little more serious than was the case with Lil Wayne years ago.

According to various law enforcement sources, Nelly's tour bus was halted at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca where a police canine was present and caught a whiff of the drugs inside of Nelly's tour bus.  The police had Nelly and his associates vacate the vehicle so that they could conduct a search, and as a result police officials discovered TEN POUNDS of marijuana that was being held inside of a massive green duffel bag.  To add to the stress, cops also found...get ready for it...36 small baggies of HEROIN (total of .64 ounces).  

Unfortunately for Nelly, that's still not all that the police found. On top of the 10 pounds of marijuana, and 36 baggies of heroin that they discovered, police also found a .45 caliber pistol on the bus, and...it was loaded.  

The charges that come with all of these illegal possessions are extremely severe, especially when you combine pounds of marijuana with many bags of heroin and a loaded firearm.  Aside from Nelly, there were six other people on the tour bus.  Luckily for Nelly, one of the passengers, a Brian Keith Jones, has stepped up to take the wrap and admitted that the drugs and gun were his.  He has since been placed under arrest while the other members of the tour bus were let go.  

No phone calls have be returned from Nelly or his reps regarding the situation.  This exact checkpoint is the same spot where many other celebrities have been arrested for drug-related violations, including Willie Nelson, Chace Crawford, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dogg, and Fiona Apple.

We'll keep you posted on the story as it unfolds.  

Source: tmz.com