The ongoing beef between Nicki Minaj and fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey is really bringing the street out of Nicki. The drama started when Mariah allegedly told Barbara Walters about a shouting match between her and Nicki. Carey included specific details, telling Walters that Nicki threatened to shoot her, and that she had to hire extra security in fear of the Barbie rapper.

Now, Minaj has lost it again. A blog falsely reported that rapper Da Brat came to Carey's defense in a vicious tweet that read, "I already had to bust one b***h over the head with a bottle, and I will do it again. Don't f*** with my peoples cause I will f*** with u even harder. It's not a game and I'm not a joke. B***hes got it twisted and I'm a untwist some shit."

Before realizing the tweet was fake, Minaj fired back with this subtweet: "Sir, the struggle for u to even AFFORD that bottle is why the barbs r now cackling down. *Sips Pepsi* n *hops on this G4*"

After calling Da Brat "sir" and realizing her tweet was fake, Nicki pleaded with her to accept an apology. Do you think this beef will escalate or die down?

Check out the whole twitter beef above.