Houston legend Scarface is your favorite Southern rapper's favorite rapper. He's always gotten recognition as not only the original "King of the South", but even as the greatest of all time. Atlanta rapper Killer Mike shared his opinion on 'Face, his label partner T.I. and Bun B in a recent interview with GoldenUndergroundTV.

"Yeah I wholeheartedly agree that T.I. is the King of the South," explained Mike. "Bun B is part of one of the greatest rap groups ever. He is the King of the Underground. T.I. invented the category of King of the South. I also agree that Scarface is the greatest rapper of all time--the G.O.A.T...I also agree that five most powerful Hip Hop labels independently I've ever seen are Luke Skyywalker Records, Suave House Records, Rap-A-Lot Records, No Limit Records, and Cash Money Records."

Source: hiphopdx.com