Lolo Jones is a star Olympian who has a very competitive heart and is quick to fire back at any challenge thrown her way.  Unfortunately for her, that deep passion she has for track & field came back to bite her in her backside when she responded harshly to a challenge sent to her by Eric LeGrand, a Rutgers football player who was tragically paralyzed in a 2010 game. 

Eric tweeted to Lolo, "Want to race me," in a joking manner, but Lolo took it as a serious challenge given that his Twitter profile bio says that he is a college football player.  She didn't look at his avi pic that shows him sitting in a wheel chair before she responded back, "get checked for a concussion. clearly you've been hit in the head... cos u aren't beating a track athlete."

After the tweet, Lolo was bombarded by various fans on Twitter who feel as though she needed to be taught a lesson about common courtesy towards human beings.  She never apologized for her comment, but rather defended herself and stressed the fact that she didn't know who he was, or that he is paralyzed, but instead simply responded in the same way she would to any athlete challenging her. 

Eric LeGrand eventually called for everyone bashing her to stop, as he understood where she was coming from and didn't take any personal offense to her words, and Lolo thanked him for that.

Check out Lolo, Eric, and all of Lolo's angry followers' tweets above.