Kendrick Lamar may still be a new name on the block for many hip hop fans and supporters, but he has put in his fair share of quality work, and at this year's 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta he was given the prestigious award of "Lyricist Of The Year".  That award is perhaps the most significant of them all, for it means that regardless if your album is recognized as the best or not, your lyrics contain the strongest message and most creative wordplay among all of your peers.  

He won the award over many veterans of the game whom he has grown up listening to and held as idols.  Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, and J. Cole were all nominated, yet it was Kendrick who walked away with the award.  Watch the video above of him at the ATL Tabernacle following his acceptance of the award, during which where he addresses his fans and blesses them with some quality bars.