Lil Wayne was not irritated when he heard his sarcastic deposition tape had surfaced earlier this week, and even said he's glad people got to see his sense of humor.

The hilarious tape was documentation of the lawyer of Quincy Jones III asking Wayne questions. Weezy is involved in a lawsuit with Jones over a documentary he made which Wayne says portrays him in a "scandalous" way.

While Jones' lawyer attempted to keep things serious, Wayne refused to answer question after question, and when he did respond, it was only with one-liners. After one question Wayne called the inquiry, "the supidest ever" and later recalled performing at a "crazy stupid thick" girl's birthday party.

Wayne believes he did nothing wrong and that he answered those questions in the only way he could. In fact, Weezy thinks Jones' lawyer was the only one looking dumb after asking all the wrong questions.