The first of eight Jay-Z live performances at the new Barclays Center is on the horizon and the Brooklyn rapper is looking to have the spotlight solely on himself. On Wednesday night, Jay was at his 40/40 Club for the launch party for NBA 2K13, and during a brief interview, the rap mogul let it be known that there will be no surprise guests performing for the duration of these performances.

"No one's appearing, no one's performing. It's Brooklyn! This is my one chance to be selfish," Jay told Jeff Rosenthal of Rolling Stone. "Can't I? Can't I be selfish? Thank you. Just for these eight shows – then I'll get back to my 'Jay-Z & Friends' shows. I get all of these guys to come out for me, so . . ."

Since it was Hov's plan to move the Nets franchise to Brooklyn and build a new arena, he was asked why he limited the run of shows to just eight.

"My stamina," Jay simply responded "When I got to eight, I felt like I would probably fall over from exhaustion. It was just eight shows. Eight shows for H.O. I should do H.O. merchandise! What the f*** is wrong with me?"

The first show kicks off Friday night.