K. Michelle recently spoke to Bossip about her experience on "Love & Hip Hop", and despite the way she's been portrayed on the show, she is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be casted.  Before Love & Hip Hop, Michelle explained that people weren't recognizing her for her musical talent, but now she is receiving all kinds of love from all sorts of fans.  The interview later transitioned to her personal life, as she spoke about her preference being more geared towards white men more than any other race at this point.

"I'm doing another season of 'Love & Hip Hop.  After that I think I might just move to Oklahoma and sing in the closet--away from untamed humans.  Love and Hip Hop has helped me tremendously.  For three years, I was singing my lil heart out and y'all was not caring. I even leaked a naked picture, and y'all still didn't care. Everybody else was doin' it.  Even though I've caught a lot of backlash, I wasn't selling out shows then. Now I am.  People are knowing my music, even the old music.

"Do I prefer black men or White men? At this point, I really do prefer White men.  At this point in my dating phase, men are men. All colors--whatever floats your boat. But I do like white men, I"m not gonna be ashamed of it."

Source: hhbmail.hiphopblog.com