The Patriots and Ravens went at it in Sunday night's football game, (September 23rd) but thanks to some awful news and one disrespectful and extremely cruel fan's tweet, the day was sorrowful for Torrey Smith. The Ravens wide receiver was given the heart breaking news earlier that day that his younger brother, Tevin, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Virginia.  Despite hearing the tragic news only hours prior to the game, Smith still suited up and played a huge part in the Ravens defeating the Patriots as he scored a 25-yard touchdown in the second quarter, and finished the game with six receptions for 127 yards.

After the game ended, some low life Patriots fan who goes by the name of @katiebrady12 on Twitter, thought it was an appropriate time to actually take an unbelievably inappropriate jab at Torrey by making fun of his brother's death.  This Katie woman tweeted:

"Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him all about your wi--- ohhh. Wait. #TooSoon?"

She then tweeted:

"The Pats may have lost but at least none of them lost a family member.  I'd say that's a win."

She was eventually bombarded with angry tweets from NFL fans of all types, even Patriots fans.  Ray Rice also hit her up on Twitter by pretty much saying that karma will come back around to her for that comment.  With all of the negative reactions coming her way, Ms. Katie has since switched her profile to private and tweeted a series of apologies to everyone she offended.

See the tweets above.