Wood Harris, former star on the hit TV series, "The Wire" recently shared his thoughts to AllHipHop.com on the current state of the music industry, and revealed that he is very displeased with the direction that it has gone in recent years.  He specifically addressed Chief Keef's negatively publicized lyrics and actions, Lupe Fiasco being a great artist and how Harris is upset that he is retiring, and also that hip hop lost a lot of its substance after Tupac was murdered. 

"We have to be careful not to let the artists get dumbed down because the artists will be the missionary, the message holder, and the activist. But, now, people get famous doing something silly on TV, and they run with that ball. I'm an artist, and I'm not insulting Nene Leakes, but I think more than half of television is reality TV now. I'm friends with Mos Def, we want to talk about something. That's what's gone when Tupac is gone - there's nobody who says, 'Dear Mama,' there's nobody with his complexity as an artist. I love Lupe, that's my brother, my Chi-Town brother, but he's retiring, and he was retiring before the Chief Keef situation. And that Chief Keef situation is extremely sad. Now they can sell sad. Interscope is selling sad. I don't care what the lyrics say; I don't care for it."

Source: sohh.com