Samuel L. Jackson has no doubt in his mind that Barack Obama should win a second term. To show his support, Sammy J is filming an ad in which he desperately attempts to convince Americans that Obama is the right choice. Of course, it wouldn't really be Samuel L. Jackson without raised voices and f-bombs. The ad is going to be called, "Wake The F*** Up, Vote Obama."

The ad was funded by the Jewish Council for Education, hilariously the same company who funded a Sarah Silverman ad in which Silverman offers billionaire Sheldon Anderson lesbian intercourse to stop supporting Romney.

Jackson kept it super real when speaking to Ebony Magazine about the POTUS, saying "I voted for Barack because he was Black. Cause that's why folks vote for other people--because they look like them. That's American politics, pure and simple. Obama's message didn't mean sh** to me."

Check out the ad when it drops on September 24.