According to NBC Chicago, the funeral for slain Chicago rapper Lil Jojo, legally known as Joseph Coleman, was filled with gang related individuals, as well as his family and friends.  During the funeral service, which hundreds of mourners attended, some sort of physical confrontation erupted which lead to his casket nearly being knocked to the floor.  

So many people were pushing and shoving in order to get close to his casket that it caused a brief moment of chaos in the Jones Funeral Home, at West 79th Street and South Kedzie Avenue.  Police actually had to clear out the funeral home in order to prevent any further scuffling.  Outside, many unmarked police cars and even a police helicopter circled the area to make sure that no further violence broke out.  

Many of the mourners could be seen outside of the funeral home throwing up gang signs and exchanging gang related handshakes. The mourners even blasted Lil Jojo's music in the cars in the parking lot and danced to his rhymes.  

John Coleman, Lil Jojo's family member, was more proud of the turnout than he was upset by the brief physical disturbance, as he feels that all the people who attended Jojo's funeral only further signify how much he was loved while he was alive.

"Today's a rough today for me. We grew up together. I'm not feeling right. I'm feeling crazy right now. But s--- you see all the people supporting him. He was loved.  Everyone wanted to see him. That didn't make me mad. It makes me feel good. He was respected. He was known and appreciated."