50 Cent has taken a liking to Chief Keef despite all of the controversy surrounding the young Chicago rapper.  As many people know, 50 comes from the streets, and had to make the necessary adjustments to his lifestyle once he became famous in the music industry. One of the ways he was able to do that was to let go of his "street beefing" lifestyle.  Keef has recently been making headlines due to beefing with fellow Chicago spitter Lupe Fiasco, and for being investigated in the death of another fellow Chicago rapper, Lil Jojo.  

50 Cent defended Keef during an interview with V103's Ryan Cameron show, and later stopped by Hot 97 to speak with Angie Martinez on September 13th, where he brought up a meeting they had in New York where Fif offered the young rapper some advice about prolonging his career.

"I was telling him be careful.  To be aware of people that's beginning to become jealous of that energy," 50 stated.  He was asked if Keef was receptive to the advice that 50 gave him, and Fif stated, "Yeah because he know where I'm from.  He know what I come from so, he could hear me a little bit."

He also dished on Lupe's comments about how he fears what Keef represents of society as a whole.

"That stuff Lupe Fiasco was talking about, [Keef] can't hear that.  [Keef] doesn't get that you're talking about what's happening with in the culture because you keep saying his name. He's internalizing like you keep talking about me, I never said anything about you—I don't care about, I don't even listen to your music—and you keep saying me."

He also spoke on how Interscope was threatening to drop Keef from their label after all of the drama that's gone down. 

"There was some energy there in the [Interscope] building, they was actually thinking about dropping him.  I was like, Damn you can't just like drop him. That's what hip-hop culture is. It's an opportunity for you to make it from anywhere. If you from the bottom right now you could listen to this music that comes on, write something and put them cards back they gave you and deal yourself some new ones."

Source: xxlmag.com