Although Beanie Sigel will be locked up for at least the next two years for tax evasion charges, and maybe even more time due to being arrested only weeks ago for gun and narcotics possession, Beans may have a job on a new TV series as soon as he gets out.  The BoomBox reported that the 38-year-old MC revealed to them that he is an incredibly skilled cook and was even considering filming a show called "Cooking With Beans". The rapper proudly admitted that he can cook almost any dish, and that he learned his chef skills from his mother growing up.

"Me and my friend were thinking of shooting a couple of pilots for a show called 'Cooking With Beans.  There's not too much that I can't cook.  When you grow up and you're less fortunate, and you be hungry, you be waiting, standing next to the kitchen like, 'Mom, is it ready yet?'  She's like, 'Get out of here.' [I was] just watching. Anything I see once I can do. I don't watch a lot of television, but when I do, I watch the Food Network."

He also revealed that he is a very talented artist and initially honed his skills by tagging up trains in South Philly, but eventually switched up to drawing and oil painting.  

"That was something I was going to do when I stopped doing music.  I've been doing that since school. I won a lot of awards for paintings. I still do paintings -- a lot of abstract art, stuff like that.  

"I drew a picture of my wife.  We were on our honeymoon; we were in Vegas, and she was sitting in the window of our suite and I just started drawing her while she was looking out the window at the Palms Hotel. She still has it."

Hopefully, when Beans is released from prison he'll be able to truly pursue all of these ventures.