This past Thursday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, rapper Wiz Khalifa and his fiancee Amber Rose revealed that they would be having a baby. They finally confirmed the rumors that had been circulating for weeks. Since breaking the news, the two have spoken on their pregnancy craze and recently discussed how they reacted.

The Pittsburgh artist says that he and Amber decided to keep the news quiet for a while despite having knowledge about it earlier in the summer.

"We found out this summer, and it was more of a celebration than anything," Wiz shared backstage with MTV News. "I did a backflip; she was doing this little dance that we made up." Rose briefly explained how she got down. "It's called the monkey butt dance!," she added.

Though he had plenty of reason to celebrate and be ecstatic, Wiz touched on the seriousness of the situation as well. While he knows he'll have much greater responsibility now, the rapper says he going to continue to live life the way he always has.

"I've been pretty focused my entire life, and now that I have a family, I'm just going to keep that focus, but it's going to be a family focus."