Original "Love and Hip Hop" star Emily Bustamante is set to have a regular role on the spinoff show "Chrissy and Mr. Jones". Though Emily plans to be featured in the show quite often, don't expect her to talk about her and Fabolous. Bustamante took to Twitter in order to quell any thoughts that she may saturate the show with talk of Fabo.

"People keep asking me why I'm on that show... Umm cuz that's my friend. My role on the show is strictly about our friendship not FAB!! Don't nobody wanna do another season of me talking about Fab.. As much as I love him that story line is tired. Sorry lol *yawns*," said Bustamante over two separate tweets.

At least she's aware that nobody wants to watch that first Love and Hip Hop all over again. Check out her tweets above.

Source: theurbandaily.com