Lil B has been trying to play Kevin Durant one-on-one ever since Durant called him a wack rapper on Twitter back in May. Following the release of Lil B's "Warm Ups" video, which calls out Durant, the Thunder star decided to respond. Durant got on Twitter and basically asked Lil B to leave him alone. One tweet simply read, "@LILBTHEBASEDGOD Yo shut up". 

His next tweet read, "Yo leave me alone lol, if you wanna play me you gotta come to OKC I'm not coming to Oakland."

Hilariously, Lil B tweeted back at Durant about 20 minutes later and had no intentions of backing down saying, "So book a ticket to OKC for this Monday? @KDTrey5 I WILL BE THERE FLIGHT IN THE MORNING, AND PREP."

If this one-on-one game actually happens, it will certainly be David vs. Goliath. Kevin Durant is 6' 9''. Lil b is 5' 6''. 

Check out the tweets above.