During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Pusha T admitted that he has been a big tennis fan ever since he was a child.  He recalled a story about how he first became fond of tennis after playing a throwback video game on a Nintendo or Super Nintendo, and how his fondness for the sport has developed over the years.  Pusha praised the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, for "bringing back the aggression to women's tennis."

"I really think it was by accident. This is the weirdest story in the world. I started liking tennis as a kid when I was playing one of the game systems, it had to be Nintendo or something, and the game might have even come with the system. And for whatever reason I was playing it, I was like this is cool. I swear, ever since then, I've been watching tennis. Of course back then you had Agassi and you had the Agassi sneaker. You just had things [in tennis] that were related to style and fashion. There was always something associated with dope sneakers. The whole tennis look was fresh to me. And from there I got into the sport.

"They've been extremely important to the game. You know what it is? They brought that aggression back to the game. Like that Martina Navratilova aggression. They brought that type of fight back to the women's side of the game. ... [Who'll win the U.S. Open?] It's got to be Serena."

Source: sohh.com