Lil Wayne delayed the release of his much anticipated "Dedication 4" mixtape so that his close friend and fellow rapper 2 Chainz could shine during the release of his debut album "Based On A T.R.U. Story". While the LP topped the charts and earned a #1 spot, Lil Wayne revealed in a recent interview that he does have a discrepancy with one of the tracks.

The Young Money artist spoke with MTV while at his Supra Footwear release and stated that he was unhappy with his verse on 2 Chainz' song "Yuck".

"I'm very upset about that just to let everybody know: He put me on that, I sound wack as hell on there. He did not tell me that was gonna be the first song on his album. We were just in the studio and, man, I just did that. I was in there just messing around and I come back and hear it's [the] #1 [track] on his [album]. Please don't judge me from that, my bar game is way higher than that, man."

Wayne did however go on to congratulate 2 Chainz for obtaining a number 1 album.