On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech in the predominantly African-American city of Danville, Virginia. It was his comments about Republican Mitt Romney's proposals that has had the political world buzzing. Biden expressed his dismay for the GOP nominee's proposals to roll back financial reforms put forth by the Obama Administration.

"Romney wants to, he said in the first 100 days, he's gonna let the big banks again write their own rules. Unchain Wall Street! They're going to put you all back in chains."

There were approximately 800 people in the audience, the majority being of African-American backgrounds. According to 2011 census figures, the city of Danville is about 48 percent black and most were present to hear the Vice President's speech.

Mitt Romney's campaign wasn't going to take those remarks without issuing a response of their own. They did not hesitate to fire back at the Obama campaign.

"After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Governor Romney, the Obama campaign has reached a new low. The comments made by the Vice President of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama campaign will say and do anything to win this election. President Obama should tell the American people whether he agrees with Joe Biden's comments", said Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul.

What do you think of the comments issued in this situation?

Source: firstread.nbcnews.com