Eminem and Slaughterhouse chopped it up with Sway Calloway for an interview on his Sway In The Morning show recently, and Em spoke extremely highly of the upcoming Slaughterhouse album release.  In Em's eyes, Hip-Hop needs this album.

"I think Hip Hop needs this.  When people hear it, they're going to be pleasantly surprised, people who don't know what they're capable of."

He then spoke on how much he's learned from Dr. Dre over the years, and how Dre's teachings have helped him improve his own musical projects, Slaughterhouse's, etc.

I think Dre was the first one who actually taught me how to count bars. I would just go in and rap.  All of Dre's little tricks, I've stolen from him over the years. I've tried to apply it to my own music and everything. Dre taught me so much."

Source: hiphopdx.com