After some very serious threats popped up on Twitter about someone wanting to duplicate the tragic Colorado shooting, by killing people at Mike Tyson's one-man Broadway show, the NYPD forced Twitter to hand over the information on the user who posted the threatening tweets.  Twitter handed over the info on Tuesday, August 7th, after having been given a subpoena by the NYPD.  

Twitter initially denied to hand over the user's information, however tweets as serious as this made the police feel as though it was necessary to be given the information on the user responsible:

"This sh*t ain't no joke yo I'm serious people are gonna die just like in aurora."

"I'm in Florida rite now, but it'll happen i promise I'm just finishing up my hit list."

The person responsible for posting these tweets goes by the name of "Obamasmistress" on Twitter, and began posting the tweets as early as July 30th.  This user apparently was putting together a "hit list" aside from the Mike Tyson shooting plan, and added celebrity names such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Wendy Williams, along with others on the list.  

Law enforcement officials have since increased the levels of security for Mike Tyson's show, for they fear that the individual might actually travel from Florida to the Big Apple in order to carry out their plan.