Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks and glamor model Liza Irizarry got into a brawl in a Miami nightclub last year. Now Irizarry is set to sue Ebanks, contending that she suffered a broken nose during the confrontation. The two got into a scuffle when Irizarry laid a kiss on Ebanks' boyfriend, Terrence J of BET's "106 & Park", as he was leaving the club back in November of 2011. She says that they're just friends and was just saying hello. But Ebanks took exception to the gesture.

"I was in so much pain," Irizarry told the Daily News. "My pillow was covered in blood."

Irizarry recalled the event during an interview with an attorney.

"When she saw me, she said, 'Don't be kissing my man'. I said to myself, 'So what, that's my friend.' That's when she hit me on the nose. I went to swing back — that's when all her friends jumped in. I felt hair pulling and fists coming at me."

After a visit to a doctor in New York, Irizarry was told that she had a complex nasal fracture and nasal obstruction, injuries that required almost immediate surgery. She also continued to express her dismay for Ebanks and her actions.

"I'm so angry, because she thinks she can get away with anything. You shouldn't be allowed to put your hands on anyone for no reason. Me saying hello to someone doesn't give you the right to hit me."

It is reported that she will file the suit against Ebanks for assault and battery.