The founder of "Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill", Doug Guller, has bought a small town in Texas and will be renaming the area after his his establishment. The town, which was purchased through Craigslist, will formerly be known as Bikinis, Texas.

In a short interview, Guller was asked about his process of purchasing the town and says that it wasn't easy.

"We've been searching for towns in Texas to buy for over [a] year and found this one in the perfect area. My broker narrowed our search to four to five towns. He helped negotiate with the owner(s) of the various properties. All of the towns that we talked to were not for sale when we began the conversation. We paid for the town in cash. Seller wants to remain anonymous."

He also discussed his plans for the town itself, stating that things are still being molded. However, he did mention that he'll be mayor of the town.

"We are still putting the plans together for what the town will be. Ironically, we've been searching for a site to put the Bikinis Hall of Fame for the last six years, and this might be the perfect place for it."

What do you think of Doug Guller and his new acquisition?