Although Kirko Bangz has found high levels of success in the music industry at only 22-years-old, he didn't skip past attending college entirely in order to get to where he is now.  He actually attended Prairie View A&M University for a few years in order to help him develop his rap skills and network himself among various individuals who hold some status in the industry.  Kirko eventually dropped out of college during his junior year in order to focus solely on propelling his musical career.

During his interview at the Radio One Fest in Miami, Kirko Bangz explained during an interview with T.T. Torrez how he used college to benefit his success.

"I was a junior in college when I dropped out.  I went to college to chase my rap career and when I got there I used the networking, and when I felt like I got to a climax with what I needed from college, I got on the radio and was like 'Man, let's just go full-fledged with the rap.'  I started just rapping out of my closet, and doing videos in my crib and at my dorm and people saw my Facebook videos and YouTube.  Stuff like that.  Then I started going to the DJ's - it was pretty much a regular hustle."