Rich Boy and Yelawolf go back to the days before Yelawolf inked in a deal with Shady records and became a big time presence in the hip-hop community.  During an interview with SOHH, Rich Boy spoke about his past with Yelawolf, how he'd love to record a track with him, and how Yelawolf gets love not just from Rich Boy, but from everyone in Alabama as well.

"Yelawolf gets a lot of support down in Alabama.  I was working with Yelawolf before the whole [Shady Records] situation. I knew he was going to come through. I've got pictures of me [and him from ] two years ago, the song we did two years ago, with me, him and Jim Jonsin. But yeah, most definitely, we support him. He's our better half down here, we ain't on no racist sh*t so it's the best of the black and white world. Alabama right there. Black and white like paper work, you can't have paper work without those colors.

"We're going to do one soon, man," he said when asked if they would record a song together.  "The last time I seen him, we were in Hollywood. He rocked a show out there. I most definitely support Yelawolf. I want to see his movement continue to [expand]."