West Coast rapper The Game believes that Drake and Chris Brown should squash the beef they have with each other, which all stems from the fact that they both were romantically involved with Rihanna.  TMZ caught up with Game and asked him if he believed that their current beef would end up like Tupac vs Biggie Smalls, considering they just got into a huge club brawl where a lot of people got hurt.  

Even though Game thought that was a ridiculous question to ask, he did acknowledge that the two young artists need to chill and just drop the drama because it's not worth it at the end of the day.

“Come on what kinda questions ya’ll be asking man.  Chris Brown is like my little brother man. Drake is a cool dude man. They just need to cut that out. It ain’t worth it.  I can’t be ambassador man. I’m just a cool cat man. Imma stay out of they beef and let them do them.  It’s for the bird’s man.”