Cleveland native and Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly has let his hometown colors show in regards to former Cavaliers star LeBron James and his championship title aspirations.

On his track "Wild Boy", Kelly takes a small jab at LeBron by rapping "Never mind that's just Kells with that heat, no LeBron though."

His lyric stirred up some conversation when he was a guest on the Power 107.5 radio station.

His belief that LeBron will not win a ring this year did not change when was asked about it. He simply responded with "oh no, he's not taking it", indicating that with this year's Finals on the horizon, James will once again fall short.

Machine Gun Kelly then went on to comment about LeBron's future stating "if he doesn't do it this year then he won't do it again, he'll be too mentally defeated", speaking in regards to LeBron making it back to the NBA Finals.

The first game of this year's Finals begins on Tuesday night in Oklahoma City when the Heat take on the Thunder.

Do you agree with Machine Gun Kelly's comments or do you feel this is the year LeBron will finally win a ring?