During this morning's broadcast (June 11th) on Power 105, The Breakfast Club dug up some serious dirt about Hot 97's DJ Funkmaster Flex.  They shed light on the details of his prior arrests for abusing women within the past decade, and they even provided evidence to prove their claims.  

It is a known fact that Flex was arrested back in 2003 for allegedly choking and punching the female radio host who works for Power 105, Steph Lova. Flex was also arrested last year, 2011, for assaulting his wife, Monica Taylor, at their home in Westchester, NY.  Flex was issued an order of protection in both cases.  

Well, during today's Power 105 broadcast, The Breakfast Club talked extensively about the chilling topic that touched the hearts of many who tuned in to listen. DJ Envy spoke up about having heard the 911 calls made from Flex's wife.  According to Envy, the 911 calls were very disturbing.

"Now you see, you guys didn't hear the 911 calls," said Envy.  "I got a chance to hear the 911 calls made from his house, and they really hurt my heart just to hear the fear.  And I'm sure the 911 calls will be released.  I mean I have them, and I've never felt this way in my life after hearing this."

Charlamagne Tha God followed up Envy talking about the chilling, "fearful" 911 calls by reinforcing his past statements about how Flex is known for only targeting women.

"You're a habitual woman beater.  Emphasis on the word "b*tch," Charlamagne preached.  "He always only goes at women, but to go so far as to put your hands on women dog?  You know how many times he must have beat up his wife in order for her to file an order of protection?  I mean a man's job in the household is to 'protect and to provide.'  If your wife has to get an order of protection on you, you have failed, as a father and a husband."

DJ Envy posted a picture of the restraining order on his Twitter account for the world to see the proof.  Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg hit up his Twitter account to defend Flex and his radio show, but most people seem to be gravitating towards Power 105 due to the sensitivity of the subject at hand and also because of the proof they provided.  Flex hasn't really responded publicly to the claims yet.

Check DJ Envy's tweet with the picture of the restraining order here, along with the rest of the tweets from The Breakfast Club, Rosenberg, and general Twitter participants regarding the issue.