New York attorney James McMillan has made a claim that the expensive Rolex watch Young Money artist Drake is wearing on the cover of his "Take Care" album cover is actually his.

In 2009, the well known music attorney filed a lawsuit against Rafaello & Co. over the $30,000 Rose Gold Rolex Presidential.

He claims that he took the expensive piece to get cleaned and when he returned to pick it up, he was told by an employee that the watch was sold to Drake.  Drake, who has denied the claims, contends that he received the watch directly from Rolex. He also told the New York Post that he's "never heard of this jeweler."

Rafaello & Company, Inc., stands by their defense that Mr. McMillan is making false accusations against their company and the merchandise in question.  They released a statement regarding the matter in which their business always stresses integrity when dealing with sales of their merchandise.  Below is the statement made by Rafaello & Co.:

"We believe that ultimately the allegations and statements made by James E. McMillan in his complaint will be proven to be false, and that Rafaello & Company, Inc. will be completely vindicated.  Our celebrity and high profile clients have over the years come to completely value our integrity, our service and the quality of our jewelry merchandise, and we continue to maintain and provide that high level of integrate service and jewelry merchandise to our customers."