Known for his boundary pushing comedy, Don Rickles has yet again tested the waters with a recent ill-advised joke set against our nation's first black president, Barack Obama.  What was the joke about again?

Oh right, it was about Obama being Black... original.

While honoring actress Shirley MacLaine at the AFI Life Achievement Awards on Thursday, June 7th, Rickles took a moment to try out his lame joke.  

"I shouldn't make fun of the blacks.  President Obama is a personal friend of mine.  He was over at the house yesterday, but the mop broke," Rickles said.

The crowd did not find his humor to be laughable in the slightest bit.  The only reaction he got was the sound of crickets.  

Maybe in the future he'll learn that joking about our nation's first black president's skin being naturally darker than his own, isn't the smartest idea.