Before Azealia Banks deleted her Twitter account, she slammed urban media and stated that she no longer wanted to be apart of the rap game.

She posted a series of tweets that detail how she feels and what ultimately led her to make these decisions.

Azealia tweeted:

"No longer wishing to be a rapper.i never was.... and as soon as i started paying attention to bullsh*t urban media, i started getting myself in trouble. From now on i'm a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the "rap game"... or whatever the f*ck that more twitter for me... it makes me entirely too accessible. Catch me on tumblr... it'll be more interesting."

According to reports from Prefixmag, Banks had a few choice words for her prior management team, most likely towards Troy Carter who is Lady Gaga's current manager.

"I know who you are yes...You short bald man...I know you planted these false stories. Guess what?: I'm still not going to let you manage me again. I've dealt with enough cyber bullying to see right [sic] thru this."

Finally, Banks let it be known that she wants to have female management or a "really gay man" for a manager, citing "You other n-ggas have WAY too much ego sh-t with y'all".