The issues between female rappers Azealia Banks and Lil Kim have been well documented. Kim wanted to collaborate on a track with Banks after she discovered Azealia had her own problems with Young Money's Nicki Minaj.

But when Banks contended that the Queen Bee doesn't write her own music, it started a feud between the two.

And now Banks, who has deleted her Twitter account, had even more to say about Lil Kim in a recent interview.

"I had nothing but honest and positive intentions when I approached her. Her and her team were nothing but confusing and shady. THEY released a press release about 'beef'..Not Me..It's just weird cuz she tried to pin me up against the wall when all I did was reach out and try to work."

Banks then speaks on Kim's current status as a rapper, suggesting that she is no longer the artist she used to be.

"Lil' Kim isn't even the fly innovator she used to be...let alone even half the artist she used to be. So it's like your saying that girls are copying you..but your not even keeping up."

Lil Kim has yet to make a response to Banks' latest remarks.