Yelawolf was one of the talented hip-hop artists to bless the stage at this year's 2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival.  After he had finished moving the crowd with his unique rhyming style, he took a few moments to conduct an interview with Fuse, where Yelawolf spoke about how much the late Beastie Boys' member MCA influenced him throughout his life.  Because of MCA's positive influence on him, Yelawolf has gone on to always give him and the Beastie Boys crew tributes throughout his musical career.  

“Even prior to his passing, we were doing a tribute to Beastie Boys. Actually, I’ve always done a Beastie Boys record. I’ve done ‘Paul Revere’ since I started. I’ve got a cover of ‘Paul Revere’ called ‘Boys in the Woods’ from one of my first mixtapes.  It’s just Beastie Boys, man. The greatest, man. It’s unfortunate that we lost him, but he’ll live forever. For real.”