Pharrell and Mac Miller have linked up to create the Pittsburgh emcee's "Pink Slime" project. Most recently, the Neptunes producer spoke on his upcoming endeavor with Mac Miller and how the two initially hooked up to work together.

First off, Pharrell says he caught on to Miller's Internet wave and felt like he needed to link with an independent artist.

"It's crazy and I know Mac is going to do great things. I'm happy for him. I was just looking at his movement and what he's doing online. I feel like I haven't linked with enough independent kids that are doing it for themselves."

Skateboard P then shows Miller love by saying the two linking was something that needed to happen.

"I watched what he did on his own and thought that as interesting. I just felt like I had to do something with him. Pink Slim is his project, and I'm producing it but none of the records go on unless we're both feeling it. Mac's like a concert, festival centric kid. And we got them records, man."

Finally, Pharrell discusses other upcoming music he has on the horizon with other artists.

"New Frank Ocean, a bunch of sh*t. New Usher. "Twisted" is a beast. I did some for A$AP, too. But I did a bunch of sh*t, Adam Lambert, Jason Derulo."

Mac released the first track off of "Pink Slime" called "Onaroll" earlier this week.