Despite having filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather back in 2009, for his constant claims and rumor spreading that Pacquiao has been using performance enhancing drugs, Pacquiao wishes Mayweather no ill-will, while behind bars.  In fact, the dedicated Christian fighter is doing the exact opposite.  Pacquiao has been praying for him.  

During a recent press meeting promoting his fight with Timothy Bradley which will go down tomorrow, June 9th, Pacquiao spoke very respectfully about the current situation Mayweather is in, and despite their differences over the years, he wishes nothing but positivity for the incarcerated fighter.

"I'm praying for him. I'm not treating him as my opponent, my enemy or anything.  I'm treating him as my friend, my brother. I'm praying for him that all things will be fine for him."

That just goes to show how honorable Pacquiao is as a man.  Maybe he and Floyd can finally come to a middle ground and fight each other when he is freed.  If not, at least they can go on living without any negativity brewing between them.  

A modern day Ali-Fraiser pairing, if they do actually step into the ring.