Azealia Banks is known for popping off with a load of people just as much as she is known for rapping.  Well news broke that she and her now ex-manager Troy Carter, who is also Lady Gaga's manager, parted ways.  Mr. Carter made the news public in a statement to where he stated:

"I can confirm that I ended the business relationship with Azealia last month on very amicable terms.  She's incredibly talented and I wish her nothing short of an amazing career."

His words seem pretty respectful, however Azealia must be holding some type of grudge against him, because she recently took to Twitter just a few hours ago today, June 8th, to rip into him a bit, and stated how badly she wants a female manager now.  She called him a "short bald man" in one tweet, and said she would be "saving MY 20% on management commissions while I avoid you sharks in the water" in another tweet.  

Azealia and Troy only inked in a deal together back in April, and he has already separated their business endeavors together.  She might need to listen to her boy A$AP Rocky and cool it with the "bad mouthing" people thing she does often, otherwise it might become hard for her to find people to work with her for extended periods of time.

Check out all of Azealia Banks' tweets against Troy Carter here.