You would think that people would have gotten over the Gwyneth Paltrow "N-Word" tweet by now and move on to more pressing matters.  Sadly however, this still seems to be a hot topic on people's minds.  The most recent musical member to step forward and speak up briefly about the situation is 25-year-old "Ni**as In Paris" producer/rapper, Hit-Boy.  

The-Dream had come forward to defend his friend Gwyneth shortly after the negative reaction from the public began to take over the Twitter realm, however people are still angry.  Hit-Boy was asked how he felt about the situation since he was there when the tweet was sent, and if he thought The-Dream actually sent it or not, and in case Gwyneth did actually send it, does he think she acually meant it in a racist way.  Hit-Boy replied:

"I was right there with The-Dream and Beyoncé and Gwyneth and all those people, and we were just having a good time. I didn't see that (the tweet), but they were partying together. They were sitting directly next to each other, so you never know. I just know we were all in the moment and Champagne was flowing. That moment was just incredible.  We named the song this and we knew people would call it that, so it is what it is."

It doesn't look like Hit-Boy has any issues with Gwyenth's tweet.