The Twitter beef between Erykah Badu, and rock band The Flaming Lips is heating up more and more every day.  After releasing a controversial and pretty explicit video titled, "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face," The Flaming Lips received a barrage of negative feedback from Badu.

She went off on them on Twitter for allegedly never giving her approval to let the video go public.  Erykah was so upset because the video shows her and her sister in bath tubs full of unknown fluids.  Oh yea, almost forgot to mention they were naked during the video shoot.  Badu was filmed in a tub of water, while her sister was splashing around in a tub full of a possible combination of blood (fake blood), and semen (also fake). 

Well, Wayne Coyne, a member of The Flaming Lips, hit up his Twitter account to defend himself and his group against Erykah Badu's disapproving jabs.

Check out his tweets aimed at Erykah here.