How he managed to do this is unclear at the time, however details on the matter will come to light this Friday, June 8th, on NBC's "Datline."  

Veteran rapper Tim Dog, legally known as Timothy Blair, was arrested back in September 2011 for somehow scamming a woman named Esther Pilgrim out of $32,000 in an online dating scheme.  Ms. Pilgrim ended up meeting a woman named Noel Stehling who had also been conned by a musician, so Ms. Stehling agreed to help Ms. Pilgrim bring Tim Dog to justice.  

Ms. Stehling set up a date with Tim Dog while wearing a hidden camera and captured evidence against him during their meeting.  He ended up pleading guilty to grand larceny in Mississippi, for leaving Ms. Pilgrim $32,000 in credit card debt.  He was ordered by the court to pay her back $19,000 and have been set on five years probation.

To hear the full story of Tim Dog's dating website scheme will air this Friday on NBC's "Dateline."