While on the set shooting the video for French Montana's "Pop Dat" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, AllHipHop.com caught up with Wayne, and got him to open up about a pretty serious injury that he suffered while skateboarding about four weeks ago.

Wayne began by giving a brief promotional shoutout to his clothing line Trukfit, and then spoke briefly on the injury he sustained to his left shoulder.  

"I separated my shoulder like four weeks ago and I didn't go to rehab.  It hurts like f**k," Wayne said.

When asked if he would let some of the bikini wearing models on the set give him a massage to ease the pain, Weezy replied, ""I would let them give me a massage, but my sh*t is really tender to the touch, I can't even let no one touch it."

This is the second legit injury that Wayne has received during his time at the skate park.  

Source: allhiphop.com