Mark and Jeff Bass, better known as the Bass brothers who are producers for rapper Eminem, have been locked in a court case with Aftermath Records to determine if the brothers are entitled to the agreed upon percentage split of Eminem's digital music.

The trial dates as far back as 2009 and is said to be resuming later this month in Federal Court after being rejected by the Supreme Court.

Two of the prior decisions were in favor of F.B.T. Productions and in 2010, there was a distinction made between licensing and a sales provision which, according to a source, could result in tens of millions of dollars in royalty payments.

An article for The Hollywood Reporter, written by Eriq Gardner, states "The distinction potentially meant that the Bass brothers were owed a much larger percentage of royalties than they had received. Aftermath doesn't believe that a trial is necessary at all, saying there are no facts in dispute. Despite the 9th Circuit decision, widely seen as a victory for musicians in digital royalty claims, Aftermath is basically declaring victory in this case, pointing to a judge's order that it is permitted to deduct distribution fees."

No word on when the trial will pick back up.