James Harden has been throwing up some suspect signs on the court lately, that have lead some known street rappers to believe that he is false claiming the Blood Gang.  Harden also sent a Blood related tweet to Lil Wayne recently when Wayne felt disrespected about not being given front row court side seats at a recent OKC vs Spurs playoff game.  

"Come to the next game. We got seats for U 5," Harden tweeted. 

At last night's game, (June 4th) vs the Spurs, Harden was running up and down the court throwing up hand signs that alerted many people to him claiming to be Blood.  Slim Thug, and Lil Duval took special notice to his gang related hand signs, and hit up their Twitter accounts to address his claims.

They both believe that he is false claiming, and "not about that life."  They even ripped into him for not acting like a "G" when he got elbowed by Ron Artest, "he wasn't in a gang when Artest was on the court."

Let's hope Harden doesn't get some people knocking at his door for his gang related hand signs.

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