Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica made rap headlines a couple of months ago when the album artowrk for his upcoming "Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn)" was revealed.

But all of that attention has now been riverted to Electronica's most recent mishap as it has been reported that he and British music executive Kate Rothschild have been secretly seeing each other and having an affair.

Rothschild has three kids of her own is currently married to a finanacier, Ben Goldsmith, who is said to have discovered text messages betweent the New Orleans rapper and his wife. The scandal became apparent when Kate's husband of 8 years discovered sexual emails and text messages she had been sending with Electronica.

Accoriding to the United Kingdom's Daily Mail and a source close to the situation, the interactions between the rapper and Rothschild "were very intense messages planning sexual liaisons".

The married couple had heated arguments upon discovery of the contact that's been occurring. When cops were notified for the first time, that's when news of the affair broke publicly and became known by the world. It was even reported that Ben slapped his wife because of the situation and will ultimately be filing for divorce in the near future.

Jay Electronica, who has a 3-year old child wiith Erykah Badu, is said to have broken up the marriage between the British couple.